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Caring for your Newborn

RELAX! You're going to be a great parent! Caring for a newborn can be overwhelming but you can always call us when you're not sure and have any questions at all!

Important Insurance 

***IMPORTANT NOTE FOR NEW PARENTS: It is extremely important that you add your new baby to your health insurance policy once your baby is born. Make sure you contact your insurance provider AS SOON AS POSSIBLE in order to get coverage for your newborn. Most insurance plans have a 30 day grace period for newborns. HOWEVER, if the 30 day grace period ends and your newborn still hasn't been added to your insurance plan, you may be responsible for any charges incurred.

How often do I have to bring my baby to the doctor's?

The first 3 years of your baby's life are very important not only for physical development but for cognitive and social development too! You'll have to be here often in the first few years then only annually after that. The recommended schedule is as follows:

  • The first week visit (3 to 5 days old)

  • 1 month old

  • 2 months old

  • 4 months old

  • 6 months old

  • 9 months old

  • 12 months old

  • 15 months old

  • 18 months old

  • 2 years old (24 months)

  • 2 ½ years old (30 months)

  • 3 years old

  • Yearly up to age 18

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