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what is telemedicine?


Simply put, "telemedicine" is a form of virtual healthcare.  During these COVID-19 times, we know parents are a little nervous about bringing their child to our office.  This option allows us to diagnose and treat our patients from a distance using smartphone, tablet, or computer. It's a simple, secure, and HIPAA approved way for you to speak with our providers without having to come into the office!  The secure program we use does not require you to download an app or create an account.

Will i be billed for using telemedicine?

We will bill your insurance provider first, just as if you physically came in to the office for a visit.  Using telemedicine is just an alternative if you cannot make it to the office. Many, if not all, insurance companies are paying for telemedicine visits. It is possible that deductibles may apply.  Check with your insurance provider to know for sure.

how do i schedule a telemedicine appointment?

Depending on the nature of the ailment, telemedicine may or may not be an option. You will still need to call our office at 724-537-2131 to speak with with our healthcare team.  If telemedicine is a viable option, we will schedule a time in which our providers will "see" you.  If you will be using a smartphone, we can send you a text with a link that will connect you to one of our providers at your allotted appointment time.  If you're using a tablet or computer with a web cam, we can send you an email with the link to connect. Please let us know what type of device you'll be using and whether a text or email is preferred.

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